CS Ababu Namwamba, Ferdinand Omanyala and President William Ruto

President William Ruto has gifted 100m world champion Ferdinand Omanyala Sh2 million after he jokingly asked for tea at State House.

Omanyala was at the State House after an invite from President William Ruto.

"Mr President, sisi kama athletes tunataka kutoka na chai, itakua vizuri sana (We as athletes, would like to have some tea before we leave State House)," he said. 

And when he finished his speech, the head of state said he had something for Omanyala. 

"Si umesema unataka kutoka hapa na kitu?" the president posed, and a dummy cheque of Sh2 million was brought. 

Another light moment was also witnessed when he said he received an invite call at 1 am. 

Omanyala said he was not expecting to be invited for such an occasion. 

"Mr President, it is such an honour to be here, I was called at around 1 am for this function, and I wasn't expecting to be invited. Thank you so much," he said. 

He also asked the President to renovate the Kasarani National Stadium track as he uses it for his training. 

"I train at Kasarani and the warm-up track is completely worn out, so if you can work on that as we head to the Olympics, it would be a great pleasure," he said. 

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