Kamene Goro and DJ Bonez, Pascal Tokodi and daughter, Rapudo and Amber Ray

In about 70 countries, including Kenya, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

This years Father’s Day is being celebrated on June 18. Many other countries have different dates to celebrate Father's Day for different reasons.

Several celebrities have used social media to celebrate their Fathers or Father Figures.


Here are a few message from You favorite or not so favorite celebrities;

Kate Actress to Phillip Karanja

Happy fathers day to the most present , loving dad ever . Thank you baba njeri for making it so easy . These two really adore you 🥹.check mpesa leo 🙌🏾@phil_director

Blessing Lugh’aho

My father was the strongest man in the village. I know yours was too and many other fathers. For the love you give and the sacrifices you make, I would like to wish all fathers a Happy Father's Day.

Jackie Matubia

Happy Father’s Day ☺️☺️ Blessed Sunday #raisinggirl #mamagirls

Lillian Muli to Jared

"Happy Fathers' Day to this good man. You are Loved by us. I celebrate you today for being a good man and an even better father,” read Lillian Muli’s message for Jared.

Grace Ekirapa to Pascal Tokodi  

To the man who was born to be a father for real😘😘😘 Thank you for being present. For all the nights you have stayed awake with AJ so that I sleep. For the mornings you guys have gone to play just so that I get a few minutes of sleep.

“For the times you went down stairs in the middle of the night to find me something to eat because I got hungry from all the breastfeeding 🙈You stepped into fatherhood like a pro even though you had no idea on how to change a diaper😛 I love the bond you guys have and I am actually jealous sometimes because AJ calls baba a million times a day and even when you are not home, you are all she asks for.

“I pray that Gods wisdom and counsel will always be your guide as you become the father He designed for you to be to Baby AJ😍😍 I Love you and celebrate you Baba AJ @pascaltokodi

Rev Lucy Natasha To Prophet Carmel

Happy Father's Day My King, A Living Legend. A Generational Father. An Ambassador. A Prophetic Arrowhead. A Pathfinder. A General. Father Of Empowerment Nation @stanleycarmel “To all the fathers, grandfathers, and even those who play a father’s role, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!’

Esther Passaris to late Father

Happy Father's Day, Papou. Although you are not with us physically, I hold you dear in my heart as I go through my journey. Your absence is so hard to bear that I avoid thinking about it. But every day I say a prayer for you in gratitude for being an amazing soul. Death never makes sense, and since you left our world, I have become more aware of how it feels to be without a dad and hold those who have lost their own fathers dear. I call on all the fathers who are alive to take your places in the lives of your children so that you can be celebrated, not cursed. Your child is yours. It's time to rise up and be a good, good father.

H_art The Band

Being Dads has taught us a lot. We no longer do what we do for ourselves but this generation that looks up to us. We Still can’t believe they’ve grown up this fast & Look forward to what the future holds. ____________ HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO ALL DADS OUT THERE WHETHER IN THIS LIFE OR THE NEXT 🙏🙏🙏 #HappyFathersDay #FathersDay #teamH_artForever

Jacky Vike to late Father

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, ni huyo amenibeba kwa picha zote😁kwa hizo picha zingine ameshikilia my big brother , the most hardworking Man I know, mjamaa alikua anafanya kazi kwa Kanjo, wanakaa bila mshahara for months but yeye ni nani, alikua na biashara yake kando ya kushonea watu viatu, alafu Ma baadae anaingia pale Majengo ama Shauri moyo kupiga mkebe yake ya Busaa, wish he was here now nimchafue na Crate smart ya Tusker , angefurahia

I wish he lived to see my acting dream come true but … anyhu Happy Fathers Day in Heaven Mr. David Chagali Kigarave, Keep Resting in peace❤️

King Kaka to Late Father

Na mimi sio perfect hakuna moment naRegret. Kwangu everyday ni Father’s Day.

Rest Well Julius Ombima. To all the fathers , cheers to your day

Fahima Nassir to Kartelo

From the moment our little one came into this world, you embraced fatherhood with open arms and a heart full of love. Your patience, kindness, and unwavering commitment to our child's well-being have been nothing short of remarkable. Thanks for making parenting so easy. Happy fathers day @kartelo_official

Akothee to Baba Oyoo

Happy father's day to my destiny connector Baba Oyoo .

Eeeh sometimes I lack words to describe the kind of a person you are . Thank you very much for stepping up as a father to the 4 children you collected me with and the one I added for us . Because of you I have seen light , you were a God sent ,I feel safe in this world because I know I have a backbone. The only baby daddy who never judges me . He wish me well health and happiness.

May God give you strength,health because wealth uko nayo tayari. Happy father's day wuon Oyoo

Wendy Kimani to Hubby

When the dance gene came from dad.😂 HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, MARVO. You are present, hands-on, intentional with how you raise our little man. Thank you for being a great partner in this raising ting! 😘🥰

Milly Chebby to Terence

Dads are the model of strength and bravery, patience and devotion, and so much more.Happy Fathers' Day to the most amazing daddy in the world @terencecreative .We love and celebrate you God bless you for being the most present daddy ,provider and priest of our home

We love you so much 🤍🫂 Happy Fathers Day my love Lawrence ❤️

Lynne to Eric Omondi

Behind Every Great Man is even a Greater Father❤️. Your loving and caring nature is enough to know how lucky our baby is to have you😘. I’m glad I’m doing this with you,everything is soo easy with you around. Happy Father’s Day Babyy❤️ @ericomondi


As Fathers we are built as family machines!! Always to use logic and less feelings…. Yani Be there for as much as you are needed and never breakdown before everyone is satisfied!! Coz if the family fails it’s your fault and if the family succeeds it’s the mother’s glory…. Happy Father’s Day To All The Original Daddies!! Sio wale walishindwa kuvumilia mateso na uchungu ya kutunza familia..

Our Fathers are our Heroes

Kamene Goro to DJ Bonz

Happy Fathers Day My Love.

It takes a lot to be a Father like you and May abundance always be your portion for the amazing Dad you are. Be blessed always, may God open all doors for you to continue to be an amazing father.

Happy Fathers day @deejaybonez254

Amber Ray to Kennedy Rapudo  

Happy Father's Day to the greatest father, husband, guardian, and companion. You are my rock, my sounding board, the love of my life, but most importantly you are the greatest father to our children. You brighten my life, and you make our kids smile. You're the best thing that has ever happened to us. @kennedyrapudo

Karen Nyamu to Samidoh

Happy father’s day to a good father to all his children. Kind hearted and very generous to us. Today we celebrate you and want you to know we appreciate you and the happiness you bring

Happy father’s day @samidoh_muchoki 🫡🫡

Miriam Mwakideu  to hubby Alex Mwakideu

To the father of my children, thank you for your patience, your kindness, and your endless love. You're the kind of role model we need in this world. We adore you,love you and wish you a Happy Father's Day...@alex_mwakideu

Oga Obinna

Happy Fathers' Day to all PRESENT FATHERS!!! You might not be loved or appreciated the way you would prefer, but you are the father.

BE THERE!!!👍🙏🏾 We don't have the blueprint all we do is try. We try our best. We fall and get up as we learn along the way. Every child is different, and every wife/babymama is different, and circumstances are different too, but we NEVER GIVE UP!!

@theobinnaz are mine, and it shall remain that way FOREVER. All dead beat dads Shame on you.

Wale wa kuruka mimba Shame on You. And the the WOMEN making some FATHERS not to be PRESENT in their kids lives for their own benefit SHAME ON YOU.

You might not understand a father, but he will always understand his child. It's a FATHERS THING!! HaPpY FaThErS DaY😍❤️🍾.

Celestine Ndinda to hubby Njugush

Happy fathers day Baba T🥰. You are such an AMAZING dad!! Very intentional with how you bring up the boys.

Leo nikona form ya supu na kichwa na mbuzi😍😍 @blessednjugush itaweza ama???😂😂😂

Anita Nderu

Happy Father's Day Sweetheart ❤️ @barrettraftery

Let's not celebrate too much on this trip and double down😂

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