Comedian Njugush

Kenyan Comedian Timothy Kimani aka Njugush is a happy man after securing a new ambassadorial deal that will see him smile to the Bank.

Njugush has been appointed as the new brand Ambassador of LemFi - a cross-border payment solution that enables the diaspora community to send and receive money back home.

In an interview with Mpasho’s Dennis Milimo, Njugush mentioned that the deal will come in handy as he embarks on his world Tour for TTNT4.


The funnyman explained that anyone using LemFi will enjoy zero transfer charges on all the money they send back home.

“Before we went to the UK we got in touch with LemFi (formerly Lemonade Finance), and they told us that they have a product where Kenyans in the UK, Canada, and the United States can send money back home free of charge. 

"In the previous TTNT, we had people who could send us money from abroad to purchase Links for fans to watch the show online. The Diaspora audience was always like how do we support Njugush, so they could send money and we use it pu purchase complimentary tickets for people,” Njugush said in part.


He went on to explain that with his new deal with LemFi, he can now receive money directly to his bank and mobile accounts from the Diaspora audience whenever they want to support his craft.

“For LemFi is zero fees on transactions, because previously our fans used to support us but you receive the money when it’s already deducted. 

"Then you receive your money in two to three minutes at the maximum either in my bank or mobile accounts. 

“When you hear of Zero transaction fees, it's just that we LemFi, whatever you send is what is received.

"And another interesting fact with LemFi is that whatever the exchange rate for the dollar is on the market that is exactly what you get when your money is wired to you. And for us as much its work but its out to help our audience in the diaspora and Kenyans abroad in general it’s a good thing,” Njugush added.

Njugush further explained that in the future Kenyans will be able to send money to their family members who live abroad.

“In the future, you can be to send money to the UK, US, Canada...think of it this way, you have a relative or child studying abroad and they still need school fees and all that or even your wife/hubby is there doing shopping and in short of money so you quickly send them via LemFi.

The App is available on the apple store, and Play Store for easy download and use, the LemFi ambassador said.

The company (LemFi) promises to revolutionize the international money transfer market with innovative solutions at zero fees.

Customers in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada can access the services by downloading the LemFi app which enables them to send funds directly into the bank and mobile money accounts at zero fees.

Comedian Njugush

The app also supports the use of multiple currencies through various wallets that customers can open and deposit money in different accounts.

The LemFi app also provides for a Kenya Shillings wallet setup in which customers can open and fund their accounts via mobile money. Once open, the customer can easily change their Kenya Shillings to other currencies like USD, GBP & CAD depending on their transactions.

They are targeting over 500,000 Kenyans living outside the country, with the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada being among the most popular destinations.

“When Africans leave their countries to work, study or live abroad, they still maintain family, business, and friendship connections back home. These connections are often maintained through communication and the need for effective ways to send and receive items and money from home It is for this reason that LemFi exists.” LemFi Country Manager Kakea Mbacha said. 

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