Andrew Kibe and Jalang'o

MP Jalang'o is rebranding his Online TV that houses 'Jalang'o TV' after firing employees who used to manage the channel.

Jalang'o shared that he let the employees go to pave the way for serious people.

"Vijana wakamua kupiga sherehe sana. Wakaanza kucheza na channel, na channel inafaa ilete pesa iwalipe.

Jalango told that the channel is not bringing in the expected income "You'll pity a channel that was making millions. Now we need to come back,".

He has hired new team members and announced to his online TV that they should expect good things.

The issue they have is settling on the salary.

"I cannot give you money that you're not making. Any business must only pay you what you are making, the value. Its called ROI, that is where bado tuko na issue. they have refused. I have told them 50 percent of what you make, so if you make ten shillings, I take five and you three take the other five."

He encouraged them by disclosing that his channel can easily make a million shillings a month. 

"So mjue hesabu ni rahisi coz YouTube ikilipa mnanitumia yangu, nyinyi mnakula yenyu."

"You know me Im an open person. Me I dont lie. I come out straight and I come out correct so you people must tell me, is that salary ok. I'm the owner of the channel. The beginner, even now when it was dead and not working, we were still not making money. So it is for you guys to push it and make your own money. I will not go to my pocket to pay you guys. You people must make money to pay yourself."

"Are you guys ready and we divide 50-50? " he demanded from the three.

He offered to pay them something 'this time small for the first month, then we shall see how the channel grows. How much is this you want from the first month?"

They suggest a million "Bwana shida ya pesa iko, so what we do is I will see on that, I just wanted to introduce " he assures them