Brian Chira
Image: courtesy

Brian Chira first shared his HIV status to his fans and followers on TikTok and he would at times do videos of him taking his ARVs.

He did this to create awareness and end the stigmatization that is around HIV-positive people.

The Tiktoker has never disclosed how he got the disease and said he would talk about it when he was ready to share, which he has now done.


While speaking at an interview with Oga Obinna he shared how he got it and how he has been living with HIV.

"I got invited to Mombasa by a friend for a party and it was to start at 9 pm but I arrived at 7 pm so I had to find a place to lie as I waited for time to pass, but I ended up not going."

The young man says he went to a friend with two schoolmates of his that had come with their ladies.


"We had some drinks and one thing led to another but I felt like I was taken advantage of and I reported whatever happened and was given Prep medication."

The young man says that he never really got the proper instructions on how and when to take the medication so he still thought he was okay.

He goes on to narrate that a friend of his reached out to him 3 months later to get tested as he was working with an NGO that pays for people to get others tested and he is grateful he went.

"We did three tests and all of them came out positive so that's when I knew I was positive and it was a tough moment for me."

The Tiktoker says that he first shared the news with the online community and that's how his family found out he was positive.

He says that it was not an easy moment but one just had to stay positive and the family finally came around to accept his situation.