Amira gifts herself a brand new Mercedes GLE worth millions

Businesswoman and digital content creator and Amira has bought a new Mercedes GLE.

She shared photos of the new car via her social, revealing how happy she is to be the newest Mercedes owner in town. 

The lavish Red colored SUV was showcased from different angles for her online fans to get a glimpse of the type of luxury she is dealing with.

This is her second car. The first is a white Cayenne.

"Just like Zuckerberg, we don't Announce...We Popp!!!Second Baby on my Block. I Don't serve a Leaving God. I serve a Living God Allhamdulilah 🙏🏼"

She also took a drive around the city to show how the inside of the vehicle looks as we get to see the fancy dashboard.

"Tulisema gari lazima ikuwe German" she captioned part of the message about her new car, adding "But the wife can come from the village" She continued.

The mother of two also added another cryptic message about life lessons "Dont ever let anyone take you back to a level you have already leveled up from,".

Some fans were impressed with the expensive purchase made by Amira.

Image: courtesy

rayherb.nyawiMerc...Gle...hii ata ungeifanyia Baby shower. 12M is not just any other money... on the other hand...God we need to talk ...coz weuh...Am I also not your child?

its.wangeci_m You'll notice the car, I noticed both the car of course, and pink Balenciaga 😍

velmahfaithSwty umesahau ku #tag apo gari si ya iii haiwezi chotwa na bank 🤣🤣🤣🤣ekeni ambulance ready kuna watu PB iko 300🤣🤣🤣

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