Mike Sonko and the Spider Clan crew

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has gifted the Spider Clan crew new designer clothes and money as he strives to support their musical career.

In an update, Sonko shared videos and photos of interacting with the Kaveve Kazize hitmakers led by Ngesh at his walk-in closet.

He goes on to gift the group new clothes in a bit to change their wardrobe and make them look more fashionable.


The former County Boss said that it's important to support young and upcoming talents.

Sonko also mentioned that the Spider Clan crew will be performing at Club Volume in Mombasa (the club is owned by Sonko).

“We must support our own, I gifted the Spider Clan crew (Kaveve Kazoze) with some stuff for their performances and also paid them to perform at club volume mombasa this coming weekend.


“I will continue supporting local talents across the country because most of them rely on their talents for survival,” Mike Sonko shared.

The philanthropic politician is always in the news for his kind acts – helping the needy whenever he can.

Boit Britney  This is now good gesture.. Wachana n wale Wana meet only one person as if they didn't see them as a group.. God bless you sonko

James Maina Support upcoming musician kudos

Saido Ngala Apo umecheza kama ww bila ww hawangeweza congratulations SONKO

cnasimiyu Ha ha ha ha thats really kind of you sonko but hio place ya kurap was funny umeng'ang'ana👏

am_jey_jey Atleast ametambua clan mzima sio mtu mmoja👏

i_am_kizzah Sonko will forever be blessed

m.b.u.g.u_a sonko amekumbuka spider clan si ngesh pekee. mungu akubariki sonko

l.o.l.a_liena I admire your golden heart.....God bless you with a reason

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