Diamond and Alikiba

WCB President Diamond Platnumz and his longtime nemesis Alikiba are going head to head as they reclaim their dominance in the Bongo Flava industry.

The two stars have been throwing salvos at each other after dropping new tunes in July.

Just the other day, Platnumz had warned his fellow musicians to be prepared to see him on top of YouTube trends until 2024.


The act prompted other artistes to join the conversation, firing indirectly at Chibu Dangote with others saying they will be fighting for the same spot including Alikiba.

On Saturday, Platnumz threw indirect attacks at fellow musicians after three of his songs topped the top three trends.

“Nawakumbusha tu, hiyo inayotrend number moja hapo, ni Enjoy audio tu , haina interviews wala Maparty mfululu, ndio inafanywa leo. Chupa Liko kwa NJIA,” Diamond said in reference to his collabo with Juma Jux.


He was throwing shade at Alikiba and Marioo who teamed up on the song Sumu and had done several interviews to promote the song.

Upon getting wind of Diamond’s statement, King Kiba fired back; “Maparty mafululu kama asemavyo bwana mdogo Kwevo, yanaendelea baadae pale Elements,”.

Diamond Platnumz Vs Alikiba
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As that is not enough, Diamond went ahead to brag about how he has managed to bring back vibrancy in Bongo flava with his cleave plan.

He went on to warn that he will not ‘wake up’ the industry again if his fellow musicians drop the ball again. He said that he will be forced to focus fully on running his media house instead of doing music.

“Atleast Game limechangamka sasa... na mashabiki walipo Wana #Enjoy ... sasa

msiniangushe jamani, jitahidini kuitumia vyema nafasi mkizembea tena, kwakweli sitotoa Msaada Mwingine...Maana ntachoka sasa coz na mimi ni Mwanadamu ujue...ntaenda zangu kwenye Mambo ya Media... maana kule Wenzangu, Amsha amsha wanaziweza hadi raha,” Diamond warned.

On Saturday, both Diamond and Alikiba hosted release parties for their new songs – an opportunity they used to interact with their fans.

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