Emotions run high as lady in viral video apologizes to Taxi driver over insults

A Kenyan lady who was captured on video hauling insults at a taxi driver has apologized for her behavior.

The driver identified as Derrick Mbugua was working as usual when he received a request from a guy identified as Brian.

Upon arrival at the pickup point, he found a lady who was totally intoxicated and after inquiring, he discovered she was the passenger he was supposed to take home.

The lady went viral last week after a video of her insulting a driver attempting to take her home, was shared on social media.

In the video, she called the taxi man names asking if he knew who her parents were and what they would do to him.

She further dared to get out of the vehicle further demanding that he lets her go.

A calm Derrick is heard telling her, she had talked to her mum and the only place he would let he go is once she gets home.

He however gave her the option of dropping her at a police station, to which the lady seemed unfazed.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, Derick says he has since forgiven the day.

'My pain is not about you abusing me as an Uber driver, My pain was you putting my mum, wife, kids, family, and everyone else at home. I have forgiven you. Hii ni dunia, enda ole pole, one day you might find a driver with the same pressure as you, mtauana."

The lady now says he regrets her actions and hopes to make better decisions in the future.

"I am truly sorry from deep down my heart. I would want to thank Derick for being the bigger person in this situation. I never really had to do what I did to you. My apologies to you and thanks to you for forgiving me.

I feel bad about what I did.

I have now realized alcohol is not for me."

Her advice to other youth?

Let's know our limit, My message to other ladies like me..... let's not go around throwing words at people, they have feelings too. I felt bad seeing his tears. I didn't want it to reach that extent."

At the same time, the Taxi driver got Sh50, 000 after appearing on Obinna TV.

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