Willis Raburu lands new prestigious job in Sakaja's office

Journalist Willis Raburu has landed a new job in Governor Johnson Sakaja’s office days after leaving Royal Media Services owned-station Citizen TV.

In an interview with Director Phil, Raburu said that he will be working in  Governor Sakaja’s office.


However, Raburu failed to mention the specific role he will be handling in Nairobi County Government.


Credible reports reaching our Entertainment desk reveal that Raburu parted ways with Citizen TV at a time he had already secured a new job with Nairobi County Government.

He is said to have been placed in the Governor’s Communication team.


“So I’m doing something here and there for our good government and other companies and after that, I’m still weighing my options if I still want to go back to screen.


“But remember there is a whole new digital space that allows you more freedom but remember there is still a lot that goes into it.

There is still a lot of goodwill from people and I love that people keep asking me where I want to go next. You know when you are inside the bubble inakaa ni kama haufanyi kitu,” Raburu said.

In a separate interview with Mark Masai, the former 10 over 10 host said that he left his well-paying job so that he can rest and focus on other things.

Willis Raburu
Image: Instagram

"I was loyal to the royal. It was the organizational culture. My colleagues were great and I loved the way the company operated and their open door policy.

“Over the period that I have been there, I did different things among them conflict stories, political, human interests

“I started doing digital consultancy for companies. I realized I have never taken a break, I needed a rest. I just wanted to do something new, and rest.

I am about to finish my Masters at USIU and that made me broaden my thinking."

Raburu says for a long time he had always wanted to be a journalist.

"I had told my mum and aunty that I would read the news as it was the only thing that made my dad 'shut up.' despite how powerful he was at the time."

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