William Ruto with Uhuru Kenyatta
Image: The-Star

Retired President Uhuru Kenyatta revealed that it is a while since he held a conversation with President William, Ruto.

According to Uhuru, President Ruto has not shown signs that he is interested in having a conversation with him.

He added that he cannot also go on looking for someone who does not want to engage with him.


"You have a tete a tete with someone who wants to talk to you. He has not shown any indication and as a retired president why should I go look for someone who doesn't want to talk to me?" Uhuru posed.

He spoke at the residence of his son on Friday after police raided his home.

Uhuru hit back at Ruto over recent actions that have seen members of his family's official security withdrawn. 


He called on the Kenya Kwanza government to leave his family members alone. 

"If they want let them take my security but give me my respect," Uhuru said.

Uhuru further stated that over the last few days, he has had security members of his mother, former first lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta withdrawn, an act he terms as suspicious. 

On allegations that he is funding the Azimio anti-government protests, Uhuru wondered if the accusations came about because of his association with Azimio leader Raila Odinga.

"I'm I not supposed to talk to my friends? Is that a crime in Kenya today? Maybe you should tell me," he said. 

He said he has had moments when he wondered how he was connected to the issues that Kenyans have raised.

"Have you seen me in any of those events? Have you seen me talk about any of those events?" he posed.