Edday Nderitu, Samidoh and Karen Nyamu

Businesswoman Edday Nderitu has confirmed that she walked out of her marriage with hubby Samidoh.

In an update, Edday clarified that she opted to walk away and leave the husband to someone (Nyamu) who needed him the most.

She also made it clear that that he did not want her children to grow up in a toxic environment. Her statement comes at a time, Karen Nyamu had hinted that they are in a polygamous marriage.


“Lemmie clarify a few things that were shared online and not accurate……-I am not in any polygamous marriage as stated I left the husband for whoever needed him more.

 I made a decision to remove myself and my kids from that toxic environment especially my teen daughter who unfortunately is direct recipient of unbelievable behavior displayed,” Eddya said in part.

Edday also revealed that she has been taking care of her kids alone without Samidoh’s help since walking out if the marriage.


“I have managed to sustain my kid's needs so far with no help and I am not regretting any bit of it. About communication and video calls I will leave that one there since some people seems to be present when that is happening but I’m not aware.

“In this new season of my life I don’t need any drama, I need peace only, I hope next episode of this series my name will be left out. #nothingbutprayers #power,” Edday said.

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