Brian Chira

Popular TikToker Brian Chira is counting losses after being attacked by robbers who allegedly broke into his house.

The star said that she is currently nursing injuries sustained from the unfortunate incident that happened at his house.

Chira shared the update about a time he was from the hospital where he had gone to seek treatment.


β€œI’m just from the hospital; people came to my house and mugged me. They took everything and everything, look at my face. But it’s okay. I know God has my back,” Chira says in the video.

Many who commented on the video sympathized with Chira over the unfortunate incident.

wanjikustephens This guy has really gone through a lot WOIYEE


krgthedon They should let him be aki

_.sashrishey. Whether straight or not, no one deserves any kind of violence or harassment....mad sad seeing some of you celebrate this...Know better!!

__ms.caroline uyu mtoto si hupitia shida

samm.murray2 Aki brian really going through it...Aki woye i want to be his friend..

_.wanguu He's just Tryna make it in life wallah let him be sasa πŸ˜­πŸ’€πŸ›

theyluvvvv.cindy Woiye somebody help chira 😭

veethuk Brian Chira has been through alot tbh πŸ’”

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