Hamisa Mobetto and Rick Ross

Tanzanian socialite and model, Hamisa Mobetto, recently set social media abuzz when a video of her being surprised by her new boyfriend went viral.

The mystery man, identified as Togolese tycoon Kevin Sowax, showered her with lavish gifts, leaving fans in awe.

However, this romantic revelation came with an unexpected twist, as American rapper Rick Ross, who had previously been linked to Hamisa, unfollowed her on social media  after she unveiled her new beau.

The Viral Surprise Video:

In the viral video, Hamisa Mobetto is seen entering a beautifully decorated room filled with flowers, champagne, balloons, and petals on the bed, all spelling out "I love you Hamisa."

To top it off, there were Louis Vuitton goodie bags waiting for her. The surprise was set in what appeared to be a luxurious five-star hotel suite, and the couple shared a toast with champagne to celebrate the moment.

Rick Ross's Unfollowing Act:

The revelation of Hamisa's new relationship seems to have had an impact on her past connections.

Notably, American rapper Rick Ross, who had openly admitted to being close to Hamisa in the past, unfollowed her on Instagram shortly after the video surfaced.

This action has left fans wondering about the nature of their previous relationship.

Rick Ross unfollows Hamisa Mobetto

The Flirtation with Rick Ross:

Hamisa and Rick Ross met in Dubai in late 2021 and were spotted getting cozy in several pictures and videos that circulated on social media.

Though they claimed to be just friends and business associates, their chemistry was evident.

Rick Ross even expressed admiration for Hamisa's entrepreneurial spirit and desire to support her in her ventures.

A Timeline of Hamisa Mobetto's Relationships:

Hamisa Mobetto's romantic journey has been closely followed by her fans and the media.

After her well-publicized relationship with Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz, the socialite has been linked to various other individuals, including the American rapper Rick Ross.

Despite their previous denials of a romantic involvement, the viral video has cast new light on their past association.

Hamisa's Preference in a Partner:

In a previous interview, Hamisa Mobetto had been vocal about her preference in men.

She asserted that looks were not her primary consideration; instead, financial stability is paramount.

Hamisa admitted to never having dated a man without means and emphasized that money is crucial in a relationship.

At the moment Kevin Sowax has seemingly proved to be her Mr right , having all her boxes checked

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