Kiss FM presenters Joe Saina and Cyd

Are you ready to experience a party like no other? Mark your calendars for the 28th of this month, as all roads lead to Quiver Lounge Kilimani, the hottest new party haven in town!

Get ready to end the month with a bang and celebrate the grand unveiling of this magnificent entertainment hub in the heart of Kilimani.

 Renowned DJ Kaytrixx, known for his infectious mixes, will be there to keep the energy levels soaring throughout the night.

Joining him is the talented DJ Roy Tee Boy, with a music selection guaranteed to keep the party vibes alive.

But that's not all - Kiss FM hosts CYD and Joe Saina will also be gracing the event, adding their own flair to the night's festivities.

With their charisma and infectious enthusiasm, they are sure to make this Kiss Nights experience one for the books.

The team at Radio Africa events has pulled up at all the stops to ensure that this grand unveiling is an extraordinary affair.

They've meticulously crafted a night that promises non-stop fun and surprises at every turn.

From groovy tunes to top-notch hospitality, Quiver Lounge Kilimani opens its doors to party enthusiasts and night owls alike.

But before that on 27th June there will be a Media launch from 6pm to 10pm just  to formally welcome this magnificent party haven to the netizens.

28th of July is a night you won't want to miss, and who knows - it might just become the talk of the town for months to come.

Come and witness the birth of a new era in entertainment, where music, laughter, and celebration come together to create magical moments.

Get your dancing shoes on, gather your friends, and brace yourselves for a night that will redefine partying in Kilimani!