Digital content creator Brian Chira
Image: courtesy

Kenyan TikToker Brian Chira has been suspended from Kabarak University. 

Kiss FM called the provocateur to ask him for a comment on the rumour but he was not available.

However, during an interview with Andrew Kibe yesterday night, Chira himself confirmed that he had been suspended from the University.


He said the reason given by the university was that he had gone against the student Code of Conduct and Ethics prescribed by the University.

Even Azziad's own lawyer admitted that Chira had been suspended during an appearance yesterday outside the Kibera Law courts.

She said that when police had gone to arrest the controversial celebrity, the university had told them that he was no longer there as he had been suspended.


This news comes a day after Chira was charged in the Kibera Law Courts and released on a Sh50 k cash bail over his issues with Azziad.

Funnily enough, Brian was still able to raise Sh 70k on his TikTok live just hours after his appearance in court.

Last week, Chira was arrested for making defamatory accusations against the TikTok queen  Chira was picked by detectives and forced to spend the night in police custody.

According to Nasenya’s lawyer, her client opted to take legal action against the TikToker for defaming her and harming her brand.

The lawyer went on to reveal that Chira leaked Azziad’s phone number to the public something that has caused her distress – with strangers calling to abuse her.

The lawyer further stated that the investigating officer and the DCI will conduct investigations before proceeding to the next step, which would be charging Chira in a court of law.

Chira made incredibly offensive remarks against Azziad in a video that was posted on social media. He proceeded to post Azziad's phone number on social media.

“I insulted her online and she reported it to the police, talk to the officer he will explain, all I was asking is for you to assist,” Chira could be heard talking on the phone from police custody.