Singer Akothee with Nelly Oaks

Esther Akoth, nicknamed Akothee, a singer and businesswoman, has talked openly about her breakup with Nelson Oyugi, or Nelly Oaks.

The mother of five admitted to Dr. Ofweneke in an open interview that a variety of factors contributed to her and Nelly deciding to part ways.

Akothee made a suggestion that when she split from her Ex-manager more than a year ago, she was also psychologically ill.


"When we went our separate ways, there were many things that caused us to be unable to continue. I was also going through a lot but people don't know that Nelly has been there for me," Akothee said.

The 43-year-old singer praised Nelly for his tenacity, suggesting that not many men could stand being with her like he did.

"We were together for eight years, 24/7. He was there," she said.


The singer noted that her closeness even after breaking up with Nelly Oaks has no effect on her marriage.

She made it clear that even before entering into a relationship with her husband Denis Schweizer aka Omosh, she had already told him about many things related to her life including her previous relationships.

"I usually have nothing to hide because I don't want you to find anything to use against me. I will tell you all my past lovers, I will tell you all the roads I passed, I will tell you all the children I gave birth to.

So you know whatever you're getting yourself into. So it's either start from there, or get out of there. You better throw me the first day before anything.  You say you didn't know," she said.

Vesha Okello, Rue Baby, Nelly Oaks and Akothee

Akothee hinted that she met her white husband shortly after breaking up with Nelly Oaks.

The pair had been dating for several years before the singer confirmed their split early last year. She revealed that during their separation, she suffered from depression, which she insists was not caused by their relationship.

"I had a lot of things going on. I felt those relationships were also weighing me down," she said. The singer made it clear that it was only a romantic relationship with Nelly that ended but their friendship did not.

"In Nelly Oaks, I see a brother, a father, a friend. It goes beyond all these things that people say," she said, implying that there was no way she would hate her ex-boyfriend.