Billnass and Hamisa Mobetto and her son
Image: courtesy

Tanzanian rapper Billnass has set the records straight that he is not the father of Tanzanian Socialite Hamisa Mobetto's son.

In an interview with Wasafi TV, Billnass noted that he had never dated Hamisa for him to sire a child with her.

"Hamisa Mobetto's child has nothing to do with me and I have never had any romantic relationship with her. We have been friends and nothing past that," he said.


Billnass further offered to swear on the Bible or Quran to vindicate himself.

He said the rumours have had no effect on his family, including his wife, fellow musician Nandy.

He clarified that Nandy and Hamisa were friends before and she is fully aware of their situation, saying the allegations have no basis.


"The matter has not caused any problem in my family because even my wife knows there is no way such a thing could have happened. She knows Hamisa and they were also friends before  I dated," Billnas said.

He condemned the propagation of such claims and termed them as mere fake news.

Billnas said he firmly believes that Diamond Platnumz is the rightful father of Hamisa’s son.

Rumours had circulated since August 2022 that Diamond was not the father of Hamisa's child.

Reports linked the child to Billnas.