Jalang'o and Brian Chira
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Brian Chira's controversial online content has seen him trend for a few weeks.

A lot has to do with his content where he speaks brutally on a myriad of issues.

The fame that comes with it is something he is dealing with as he explained in an interview with Mpasho's Dennis Milimo.


"If I was to go back I wish I was never popular. I wish the accident never happened, but everything happens for a reason. Fame got into my head at some point"

"I am all alone I dont have that one person I can call and say I am not okay. I just wanna take a break from everything, I wanna take a break coz social media wallai".

Chira is seeing a counsellor, and hopes to find that one person he can talk to.


He is looking for Jalango. Explaining his request, Chira said "I want to have a sit down with him on one or three issues. Jalango there are some issues I want to sanitize I think you are the best person to sanitize these issues with because you are not biased, you know how the system is and I just wanna have a sit-down. If it's five or ten minutes with you I would really appreciate it. Let's sanitize some things, yeah"

Most recently, he was arrested for cyberbullying Azziad Nasenya.

He has been suspended from his campus for two weeks for being vocal online and for the content he is doing.

"My name is Chira, why would I change to please you? I want a degree, yes, but people need to understand authenticity is what is selling" he argued.

The experience has caused him a lot of issues.

"I could have done better," He says about regret, and offering an apology. "No comment." Will he change following his harrowing experience in jail for four nights and three days?

"It's in court let the court deal with it, no comment," he told Mpashos' Dennis Milimo.

While he cannot make any comment about the case as its before a court, he told Mpasho that he is not in a good mental state.

The vocal Tiktoker promised to take a new direction on content creation.