Nadia Mukami
Image: KISS FM

Award-winning singer Nadia Muikami has made it known that she is not married despite being engaged to fellow musician and baby daddy Arrow Bwoy.

In an interview with Chito and Kwambox on Morning Kiss, Nadia said that until she walks down the aisle and the dowry is paid she will never consider herself a married woman.

Even though Arrow had proposed to Mukami in March 2022, she says he's yet to take a step further and pay her dowry.


"I'm not married. It is a fact. He hasn't paid my dowry. He's with me on credit," she told Chito Ndhlovu and Kwambox on The Morning Kiss

She spilled the beans "Niko soko, I am just your girlfriend. Not wife. Anitoe soko officially."

She went on to say;


"If you want me to say I'm married, You know my parent's address, my dowry as a lady who is very learned is very high and I'm Nadia Mukami so its still very high,".

She added that her dad really invested in her. 

Arrow had previously told Chito that he responds to Nadia Mukami's DMs as he has her account on his phone. Asked whether she also has his account, she said;

"I feel like a man's phone is a man's phone. Why should I touch it? Whatever you're looking for, you'll find. So I don't want to find."

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