Netizens disappointed as Stevo charges Sh200 for his latest gig

The artist shared a video on his TikTok account marketing his first event as row with management

Kenyan artist Stevo Simple Boy
Image: Instagram

Netizens have been left stunned and worried after artist Stevo Simple Boy shared that he'll be charging only Sh.200 for his first gig after split with his former managers.

You'd expect people to be elated over such measly charges but on the contrary they're quite displeased with the 'Freshi Barida' hitmaker and how he's carrying out his brand.

Pleasing Kenyans is quite complicated, but I'm assuming people really want to see him win thus their immense concern.


On his TikTok account Stevo shared a video marketing his up coming event which will be held at the Continental Inn in Mlolongo, as he went on to urge fans to turn up in large numbers.

"Kesho saa mbili tukutane. Kiingilio ni mia mbili. Usikose kuja tuburudike pamoja, tusherehekee pamoja, tupate burudani pamoja mambo ikuwe bravo, bravo,

(Let us meet tomorrow at 8, charges are Sh. 200.


Don't fail to show up... come let us have fun and celebrate together and things will be bravo bravo)," the artist could be heard saying.

The charges however had people super puzzled.

Some fans commended him for starting from the bottom and working on managing himself while the bigger percentage felt the charges were too low for him as an artist.

Literally an insult to his work and brand as an artist who has even received praises from Internationally acclaimed acts such as Ruger, noting that whoever was advising the 'Mihadarati' crooner was doing him a big disfavour.

Netizens felt with such charges he'd completely lose his respect as an artist.

Below are a few comments:

rodgerdodger450 : 200 only .unatafta rent ama

Jay : be serious young man

bugo real life : 200 mbona bro..this is too low of you...pandihsa bna your game is top notch

stace860 : surely aki wewe unatosha 200

Mahamoud Abdullahi : Rwabe haifai bwana 😂 😂 @Stevosimpleboy1

Davy karis : Ati mia mbili, unaji-underrate aje si ata afadhali ungesema 500

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