Eric Omondi and his shoe-baru
Image: courtesy

On Saturday, comedian Eric Omondi got in trouble with the cops while driving his hand-made shoe-baru.

Omondi, who was hurrying to his daily duties, was stopped by three traffic cops who demanded his Shoe-baru insurance and driving license.

The comedian was seen straining to explain why he was driving a massive metallic shoe that had been transformed into a moving thing.

The law requires that any car that is on the road undergoes inspection to determine its roadworthiness something that Omondi and his team had not done.

“Polisi wanauliza Kiatu nini sasa Shuwaly??? Nimesimamishwa hapa Ngong Road nikielekea Naivasha,” Omondi captioned that video.

Recently Omondi had been in the headlines pulling different stunts - rocking huge white shoes to wearing funny clothes. 

But at the same time, he has been fighting for Kenyans and helping some at the same time over the high cost of living.

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