Brown Mauzo
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Musician Brown Mauzo has once again shared a couple of messages online that have raised eyebrows as to what is going on in his life.

In the singer's first message which he posted on his Instagram page, the father of 5 wrote a  curious message about the mental hardships that he was going through. His emotional message is below;

"If I tell the sorrows in my heart, it will burn my tongue. If I keep it in my heart, I'm afraid it will burn me from the inside. But if I let out, I fear it will burn the whole world. I cannot let it out, so I let my sorrows stay inside 🤫"


Brown made sure that he disabled the comments section but that wouldn't be the end of it. The 'Moyo Yangu' singer then went on to post another message that probably explained the earlier one.

But this time he posted it on his Instastories and this message went further to perhaps elucidate what he might have been vaguely speaking about.

"Sometimes we don't appreciate the good things till we lose them, sometimes we don't value the people in our lives till we lose them," he wrote.


His messages come at a time when his wife Vera Sidika has been gallivanting in Dubai on her first international trip since she got married.

The couple had been faced by persistent rumours earlier in the year about the state of their relationship with Brown and Vera both issuing conflicting messages at times.

Last month, the light-skinned artiste shut down the speculation and insisted that he and the mother of two of his children were still an item.

He clarified that what he and Vera had gone through was normal for couples saying that that was the nature of relationships.

So what is going on in Brown's life for him to post the recent messages and to whom are they addressed?

Your guess is as good as mine...