Edday Nderitu, Samidoh and Karen Nyamu

Globally celebrated mugithi artist/law enforcer Samidoh Muchoki has just released a new song dubbed Wendo, featuring songstress Joyce wa Mamaa, and fans cannot get enough of it. 

Netizens are super convinced the song is dedicated to his estranged high school sweetheart turned wife Edday Nderitu who is currently residing in the US with their 2 kids after an online spat with Samidoh's baby mama, Senator Karen Nyamu.

In the song, the father of five is trying to convince his wife to stay after they had a misunderstanding, reminding her of how far they have come. He goes on to encourage her not to give up on him now owing to the fact that they have been together since they had nothing.

Samidoh can be heard harmoniously singing, "I am asking you to come back home so we can raise these kids,"

However, his baby mama isn't feeling the song or convinced of the message.

The politician has responded to the queries about the new song maintaining she is an integral part of the singer's life and she isn't going anywhere.

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh

Nyamu made this known after a fan, clearly itching for drama commented on her recent post asking her if she had listened to Samidoh's new song.

"Umeskiza Wendo Witu by Samidoh akiimbia Edday (Have you listened to Samidoh's new song Wendo which he's dedicated to Edday)? I love the vocals," the netizen commented.

Without missing a beat and in true Karen Nyamu form, the mother of 3 responded to the comment asking the fan if they really thought her relationship with Samidoh is about to come to an end over a song.

"Polygamy bado mnaona mkiepuka? (do you guys seriously think you can escape polygamy?)" The politician cheekily wrote in a bid to show how unbothered she was.

Edday walked out of her 15 year marriage with Samidoh due to his relationship with Karen Nyamu, she revealed she packed, took her kids and left as the push and pull between her, her husband and his baby mama was taking a toll on the kids mental health among other things.

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