Comedian Mulamwah and Dem wa Facebook

Digital content creator and entrepreneur David Oyando popularly known as Mulamwah has revealed the millions that he has spent on the construction of his mansion so far.

In a Q&A session with his over 677K Instagram followers, the father of one showed off his extensive mansion as well as photos of his inspiration highlighting how the house is projected to look once construction is done.

A curious fan posed the question, "How much have you spent on your house so far?" To which the comedian replied noting that as of now he was almost Sh.10 million down in expenditure.

"Sh. 8.5 million... tunakaribia finali kuimaliza, (we are almost coming to an end finally,)" Mulamwah excitedly said before he went into t humble brag terming the 2 story mansion as just something simple.

"Kitu simple tu ya mlunje (just something simple for a Luhya)" captioned the digital content creator as he showed off the expected outcome of his house.

He went on to highlight that currently, he didn't own any vehicle after a fan asked him how many cars he currently had under his name.

"How many cars do you have?" the question tag read.

"None, msee wa ma3 tu (I am a public transport kind of guy,)" the father of one replied as he added a laughing emoji to his text.

On the question of car or house first, Mulamwah highlighted it all depends on the buyer and their pockets.

"Hii swali ni kama ya Messi or Ronaldo haiishangi!

What I know ni eti pesa iko na uses mob and people have different preferences. Fanya what you like na pesa yako bora uiitumie vibaya hiyo pesa," wrote the comedian.

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