Ex-KTN's Tim Njiru
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Former KTN presenter Tim Njiru has a few lessons learned in his life as a celebrity, more so a media personality.

Tim has over the past few days been sharing his journey in debt and new career move from the spotlight.

He told Radio Maisha Thursday, August 24 that he was in Sh3 million debt, owing to his desire to please women after a failed marriage. He also fell into alcoholism out of pressure from all the things that were happening in his life.


He was heavily in debt with flashy cars, an expensive house, and spending money on people he thought were friends.

That was a huge mistake, he has learned the hard way.

"Ni burudani, ni sherehe," he told Mwende Macharia.


"I had many mentors who warned me and told me one woman at a time. Si ati unarukaruka"

He has also taken to his Twitter account to issue a warning to men - asking them to stop simping as he did.

He shared that he has learnt a major lesson.

Andrew Kibe and Amerix frequently talk about the dangers of simping.

He shared a video showing off stacks of money and drinks, hanging out with women after a failed marriage.

He said it is painful to watch the videos now;

"Dear Men, Don’t be a simp like I was before seeing the light. Taking many girls out in the name of finding love is pure “Takataka” (Garbage) Here I was buying them lunch, shopping, etc., then debts. (Then all the girls vanished) GRR! Genuine desire should not be negotiated at all. MEN, STOP THIS!"

HE added a series of responses to questions about his simping.

"Dating all these women and buying affection was just me trying to replace a failed marriage. I saw the light, made a quick turn around, and focused all my energies on rebuilding Tim. It's been a fantastic journey of discovery. I have a "TO-BE-LIST" which puts me first."


"Desperation can make one do the unthinkable. I was not on my "True North" Heading as a Man. I simply Simped nikiwanunulia wines na ma cider kadhaa,".

He continued;

"In my simping life back then, I didn't send money to women. We would go shopping to uplift their poverty status while I depleted my reserves. Sana sana Wine section,"

"The old-fashioned me would buy chics shopping after dates. Some presented their NGO "fundraising" proposals. It somehow worked for them. Let me tell you @golddigger_Ke hii ni Shida tupu!"

"It's good to laugh at ourselves. Today is that day I'm rolling on the floor while laughing at some of the silliest things that have happened in my life. It's now in the past. I just pray and hope some Man out there learns from my mistakes and rises to become better. Higher and Further,"

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