Crime Scene

A 27-year-old bodaboda rider is recovering from a gunshot wound sustained during an attack by a suspected thug in the Embakasi area of Nairobi.

The incident occurred on Monday morning when the victim was responding to an attempted robbery.

A gunman had confronted a woman in the vicinity, prompting an alarm.

The rider among others swiftly responded to the scene.

However, the gunman opened fire on the group, seriously injuring one Kelvin Musembi with a close-range shot.

The police arrived at the scene and initiated processing as part of an ongoing investigation.

The victim was promptly transported to a hospital, where he is now in stable condition.

As of now, no arrests have been made, but the police are actively pursuing the gunman.

Law enforcement has escalated patrols to counter armed robbery incidents.

Over the weekend, police shot and killed three suspected thugs in the Mirema area of Nairobi during a foiled robbery attempt.

The suspects had been employing a motorcycle to carry out attacks and robberies on locals, often impersonating police officers.

Among the items recovered from the suspects were a homemade pistol, handcuffs, a handcuff key, and the motorcycle used in their criminal activities.

The bodies were moved to the mortuary pending autopsy and identification.

Nairobi police boss Adamson Bungei said they have intensified operations to address the needs in various areas.

“Let those engaged in crime be warned. We are on the ground to ensure protection for all,” he said.

He added they are engaging communities to address the menace.