Vera Sidika

Budding musician and entrepreneur Vera Sidika through her Instagram stories has clapped back at socialite Shakila after she asked her to retire from the streets.

Vera who has been a trending socialite for close to, if not, 10 years came out guns blazing as she tore Shakila down.

She highlighted that the young girl was clearly obsessed with her.

"Ety ako 20 na P iko forthe four (I hear apparently she is just 20 yet her P is 44 years old," started off the mother of 2.

Quoting Shakira's infamous quote about when women "expire" and "lose their value" Vera threw that back at the socialite highlighting she didn't have to wait till 30 to expire as with her publicized behaviour she had already expired.

Vera went on to take shots at Shakilla highlighting she started selling herself off a little too early and by now her engines must be worn out.

"You don't need to wait till you are 28 to expire, your P already expired.... ulianza kitambo (you started a long time ago,)" Vera's post read accompanied by frustrated crying emojis..

Vera went on to set the record straight maintaining her and Shakila have never been friends. This is after old videos of the 2 hanging out together and being cute started making rounds online.

According to the former reality TV show star, she meets lots of people and takes pictures/videos with them that doesn't automatically translate to them being besties.

"Besties really? Really now? How are you all calling fans besties? I take pictures with many people. It doesn't mean I know them or I am friends with them.

Stop the cap!" Her post distancing herself from Shakila read.

Shakilla in an interview with Mpasho on Thursday night publicly called on Vera to retire from the socialite streets.

"Vera is a mother right now, she shouldn't be comparing herself to people like us. Girl settle down, breastfeed your kids, we don't need you in the streets, you are done," she said before adding;

"Imagine I'm 20. Compare 20 with 33, My nyash is young, I can go."

On her stories, she posted comparing her behind to Vera's noting that she was better off as hers was all natural and proportional compared to Vera's.

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