Kabi WaJesus with Milly WaJesus
Image: Instagram

Content creator Kabi WaJesus in a recent interview with Mpasho has revealed that he actually has a detailed skin routine that he follows religiously.

The father of 3 went on to credit his smooth and glowing skin to his routine

Kabi started by highlighting he was currently at a very peaceful and happy place in life, another thing that might contribute to his youthfulness.

"I'm just living life...I am enjoying the season that I am in in life, in terms of the things I'm learning," the 32-year-old said.

Detailing his routine he went on to reveal the products he uses and the steps he follows.

"I actually use beauty products, I always cleanse my face day and night then I use vitamin C then sunscreen during the day then at night I use a serum and a moisturizer just that," the digital content creator proudly said, clearly happy that the fruits of his labor were visible.

Talking about what he loves most about being a digital content creator Kabi went on to say;

"Sharing my life, inspiring people and you know, getting to enjoy free access to things due to the work we do,"

On his favorite Kenyan artist, Kabi highlighted that he enjoyed listening to Jabidii and Moji short baba before revealing that one of his hidden talents is that he can actually rap even though funnily enough he can't sing to save his life.

Finishing up Kabi revealed that he has never been formally employed his whole life.

"My first job was immediately after high school, I was a hawker then a conductor, you know I am a hustler so I was just doing manual or casual jobs here and there.

As a hawker on a good day, I'd make like 2k a day but sometimes things were tough, like you'd get to town and it starts raining and that day is gone like that. As a tout I didn't have a set 'salary' or take home that all depended on the day," the father of 3 candidly said.

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