Gigy Money and Alikiba

Kings Music CEO Alikiba has fired a tough warning at socialite turned singer Gigy Money after she alleged that they had a romantic relationship.

In a statement via his Twitter (X-App), King Kiba asked Gigy to refrain from lying to the public that they ever dated.

“Gigy Money, let this be the last time I hear you talk about me on social media or even on radio interviews that we ever date. I have never dated you and please stop this nonsense.


I respect you but please stop disrespecting me I don’t even have your number and I’m not even close to you. Next time the law will take its course,” Alikiba warned.


(Mrs KWEVO @gigy_money_og iwe mwanzo na mwisho wako kukusikia unaniongelea kwenye mitandao na vyombo vya habari kuwa umetembea na mimi sijawahi kuwa ex wako STOP this nonsense NOW haijawahi kutokea mimi kutembea na wewe nakuheshimu ila wewe unanivunjia heshima sina namba yako wala mazoea na wewe. next time sheria itaongea),” Alikika warned.

Just the other day, Gigy Money alleged that she had a romantic affair with Alikiba while denying that she had ever slept with Diamond.


She remarked at times she was responding to allegations that she was not on good terms with Zuchu over her closeness to Chibu Dangote.

Alikiba's post

For the better part of this week, Zuchu has been under attacks from radio host Mwijaku and blogger Mange Kimambi.

The situation forced Diamond to intervene, asking her signee to refrain from arguing with critics on social media.

“You are cute, young, sexy, Rich, and famous.

“You are lover people even those in government. Please forgive these old people who wasted their youth and now they have to abuse you and peddle lies to put food on the table.

 “Leave them to me I will deal with them through my developments. For you, just enjoy life like the princess you are, sing, and have a good time. in short use my money the way you want,” Diamond told Zuchu. 

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