Man who died hours to his wedding to be buried on Friday

The Kahawa Sukari man who died hours before his wedding will be laid to rest Friday, Sep 1 in Mwea Kirinyaga County.

Fred Gitau died last week Thursday. He was to wed Joyce Waithira the following day, August Deliverance Church Kahwa Sukari.

The Stars reporter Kurgat Marindany said Gitau was an evangelist at his church and was found dead in his house.

Kiambu police commander Perminus Muchangi told the Star the matter has been handed over to the DCI as the body of the late Fred Gitau is destined for post-mortem at the Kiambu County Referral Hospital on Monday.

According to family members, Gitau was dropped home by his best couple on Thursday night.

Tragically, Gitau was found dead on Friday morning with foam oozing from his mouth. The house was locked from the inside.

When the police were called in that Friday, they were forced to use a young boy to get to the deceased house through the window.

After the boy opened the window, the police documented the scene and took the body away.

A close family relative claimed on Monday that Gitau had earlier on Thursday evening texted his sister to tell her that his life was in danger, adding that if anything happened to him, she should inform the police about who was responsible.

The relative said the police had been fully briefed about the message he sent to his sister.

The relative further stated that Gitau was a ‘prayer warrior’ at Deliverance Church and he never drank alcohol and was on the verge of becoming a pastor.