Shorn Arwa, Nairofey and Yeforian
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Digital content creator Shorn Arwa has finally broken her silence following her bestie Nairofey announcing that she had officially  reunited with ex-husband Yeforian.

Shorn addressed the heated topic through her Instagram stories after curious netizens brought it up.


The new mom had put up a Q&A sticker and curious fans wanted to know her take on the matter as 6 months ago, Shorn had warned Nairofey in a previous YouTube video that if she were to reunite with Yeforian, their friendship would be severed.


As the mother of one had really helped her best friend get back on her feet after the nasty breakup she had with her ex.


"What are your thoughts on Nairofey and Yeforian back together?" A fan asked.

To which the YouTube content creator replied cheekily trying to avoid giving more details than necessary. "I think love is a beautiful thing," Shorn casually wrote.

Shorn Arwa chews off fans criticizing her YouTube content
Image: Instagram

She accompanied the reply with a funny video of a lady confessing her undying love to her love maintaining that she didn't care what others thought of their relationship.

"If loving you is a crime then from this moment I'll be the most suspected criminal, I love you. I really love you wallahi...

You are my baby, you are sweetest honey. I am obsessed with your love, you love is unconditional sweetie," part of the lyrics to the song go.

In yet another post another fan asked Shorn if she and her friend were in an okay space following the reunion.

"Are you and Nairofey okay?" A  fan asked to which Shorn Arwa responded by saying, "she is okay, I am okay, we are okay. The lord is our shepherd,"

Leaving people equally confused.

Once again, she accompanied the reply with a cheeky video. In the said video, a man stretches out his hands to receive a plate of food but the person bringing the meal skips him and his outstretched hand and give the food to another guy seated next to him.

The man is left feeling dejected as he clasps his face in sadness and despair. Could the Easter eggs she's dropping mean anything.

Nairofey and Yeforian tied the knot in a low-key, invite-only ceremony in August 2022, just a day after Nairofey's 24th birthday. However, the intimate celebration was a precursor to the storm that was about to engulf their relationship.

The couple's once-loving bond quickly deteriorated as they aired their dirty laundry in public. Nairofey accused her now-estranged husband of hacking into her G-mail accounts and taking control of her YouTube channel. In a retaliatory response, Yeforian claimed that Nairofey had been unfaithful to him with multiple partners, including women.

Yeforian and girlfriend

The social media feud escalated further when Nairofey confessed that she had been deceiving her followers by portraying gifts as if they were from her husband, when in reality, she had bought them for herself. She also revealed that she had purchased her extravagant car, previously flaunted on Instagram, with her own money.

The shocking revelations continued as Nairofey disclosed that Yeforian had misled her about his job, falsely claiming to work for the United Nations.

She further accused him of coercing her into signing a prenuptial agreement, ensuring he would receive half of the income generated by her brand, even after their separation.

The two have however, just gotten back together. A move that has shocked netizens seeing as how badly Nairofey wept after her marriage failed. She barred her soul to the world revealing the "unbearable conditions" that her husband had her living in.

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