Maureen Waititu and her kids

Media personality and social media influencer Maureen Waititu says that she is proud to say that she is able to co-parent with her baby daddy Frankie Just GymIt - even though it hasn't been long.

The actress said this during an interview with Mpasho News at the Medigah London Hair app launch.

The media personality has two sons with Frankie, the managing director of Just Gym It Limited and they started to co-parent recently.


The interviewer asked her how it feels like to be a co-parent.

"What is life as a co-parent?"

"I can say that I am proud to say that I am able to do it, maybe not for a long amount of time but we are getting there," She says.


She goes on and explain how she can do it because people know how painful her breakup was and now she is back to co-parent with the same man who broke her heart.

"It's about healing actually, when you have healed and everything is behind you, You tend to do the right thing. It's easier now coz the babies can see both their parents which is my greatest dream. Whatever is ahead we will figure it out."

She is also asked about what is life like being a mom and what the kids are like after they come back from their dad's home.

The actress reveals how her kids are not talkative, they don't talk much about how the day was, and also how she also tries not to interfere with the relationship they have with their dad.

She says that when the kids are away she always doesn't know what to do because she is used to having them around.

The YouTuber concludes by advising young ladies not to rush into getting babies when they are not ready.

" First things first if you can be able to avoid being a young mom and I am talking to young girls who are not gotten to their full potential, don't rush to be a mom, but if it happens to you with anybody whether you are a dad or a mom, know that it takes two to make that baby but it can take one or non to raise. That is very possible, so put your expectations right."

QUOTE: It takes two to make a baby but it can take one or none to raise; Maureen Waititu.

Maureen and Frankie were married for 6 years and blessed with two sons together then later broke up around 2019.

They had a messy breakup that led to Maureen having depression and suicidal thoughts but she took medication and got better later.

Their split caused attention that people trolled Frankie for mistreating her.