42 is still a baby! Nyota Ndogo claps back at critics

The artist was annoyed by netizens claiming she was too old to be pregnant

Coast based Kenyan artist Nyota Ndogo showing off her baby bump

Kenyan taarab influenced pop artist Nyota Ndogo born Mwanaisha Abdalla, has released a video clapping back at netizens who are criticizing her for getting pregnant while in her 40's.

In a video she posted on her socials the mother of 2 went on to highlight she was still young and there was nothing abnormal about her being pregnant as she was a healthy lady and still hadn't hit menopause.

Nyota and her Dutch husband Henning Nielsen are expecting their first child together.


"Excuse me please I am only 42 years old I'm still a baby!" Started off the Coast based Kenyan artist.


Nyota went on to add that she didn't understand why people were so intent on pouring in terrible comments instead of congratulating her for finally getting a child 9 years into her marriage.

"Me getting pregnant has turned into a topic about oohh how is a old lady going to give birth, Mimi I'm still a baby! If you are in your 50's and your mother still experiences her menstrual flow trust me she can bombard you with a baby sister/brother any day," the 'Watu na Viatu' crooner went on to add, clearly triggered by the comments.


The mother of 2 went on to thank those who had left beautiful and kind comments on her post while asking the haters if everything was okay with their lives because she couldn't understand where the hate was coming from.

Nyota Ndogo with her Hubby.

"To all of you dropping bad comments instead of saying congratulations, like I mean I get pregnant after 9 years of being married and instead of you celebrating this with me you just have horrible things to say! Are you okay? To all those who have wished me hearty congratulations, thank you because I know those wishes have come from the heart. I'm so happy,"

Finishing up she told people who were so bothered with her pregnancy to come help her push as they were worried how a "old lady" as they put it is going to deliver.

"You are wondering how I will deliver, why? Do you want to come and help me push? If the Lord saw it fit to give me a healthy pregnancy then in the same breathe He will make sure I deliver well ! I don't know why you are bothered!

But if you are so pressed, come help me push on the delivery day!

If women in their 70's can still conceive, whom am I? Please I'm still a baby, y'all leave me alone!" Said the songstress in the last part of her angry rant.

Nyota Ndogo already has two kids from a previous relationship, a teen daughter named Barka, and a son Mbarak whom we rarely see. Her hubby Henning has three children and grandchildren.

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