Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has urged Ugandans to be vigilant in the wake of terrorism threats, asking that all visitors be checked before entering places of worship and recreational facilities.

In a televised address to the nation on Thursday evening, President Museveni asked Ugandans not to allow any “strange” people to churches and mosques and report them to the police.

"Don't allow anyone you don't know to enter your church, to enter your mosque. No strangers should enter your church. They must be challenged, isolated and reported to the police," he said.

“For the hotels and the lodges, take the particulars of people who come there. Make sure they show you their identity cards with their pictures,” he added.

He asked people to be calm amid terrorism threats linked to the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) militants, saying the security forces were hunting for them.

Uganda has heightened security surveillance following increased attacks by ADF militants.

Mr Museveni’s remarks come days after Ugandan police foiled a bomb attack on a church in the capital Kampala on Sunday and recovered five more explosives a day later.