Comedian Mammito

On Friday, Kenyan comedian Mammito Eunice hosted 10 over 10 entertainment show on Citizen TV.

Videos from the show have elicited mixed reactions from the Citizen TV audience. A section of fans were happy for the comedian after being given a chance to host the show.

At the same time, another section of fans were not impressed with her hosting skills, many saying that she is better off as a comedian than a TV host.

Mammito has joined the list of 10 over 10 guest hosts since the exit of Willis Raburu a few months ago. Others who have hosted the show include; Oga Obinna, Kamene Goro, Martin Kimathi, Reedah Yvonne, DJ Bonez among others.

A few weeks ago, Mpasho’s Dennis Milimo reported that Citizen TV had picked journalist Aziza Hashim aka Azeezah as Willis Raburu’s replacement on 10 over 10.

“Yes It's true, Azeezah has been picked as Willis Raburu’s replacement on 10 over 10 and she will be unveiled soon,” the source told Dennis Milimo.

Azeezah hosted her last show on NTV’s Teen Republik on August 12, 2023 –bidding goodbye to her viewers and fans for the support they have accorded her. She left after two years and soon she will be unveiled as the 10 over 10 hist.

Here are reactions on Mammito Eunice’s debut on 10 over 10

rowena_njeri These companies never do real talent searches. Nobody is irreplaceable just do your homework instead of thinking that viewers are like instagram followers. It’s not impossible to find a highly entertaining kenyan who can also build his/her own following and take it to the next level

sabina_musenya Si mpee tu oga obina hii show na muache kuleta comedians kwani ni Churchill 😂😂😂

pendo6774 A journey always has to start with huddles,,she will get there👏👏🙌🙌

mtunecessary I want to be like Willis Raburu so that when I leave they will never find my replacement

cherchill.quests They trying but Willis can't be replaced

francklumbasi Time will favor her . Itabamba tu with time . Kila mtu na vibe yake

bobotev E kitu ipewe to shatta bouy