Kate Actress

Award-winning actress Catherine Kamau aka Kate actress has penned a message of appreciation to her fans and followers days after announcing her divorce from hubby Director Phillip Karanja.

In her message, Kate expressed gratitude towards everyone who had messaged or called her inquiring about how she is fairing on with life.

“Courage is not the absence of Fear 😊…Thank you so much for all the Dms., calls, and texts. Asanteni sana 🤗,” a thankful Kate Actress said.


The message of appreciation comes days after the former Mother-In-Law actress revealed that she had parted ways with her hubby Phillip Karanja amicably.

The Breaukup Announcement

The two love birds issued a joint statement on Tuesday, September 19, 2023, stating that their marriage ended a while ago but opted to keep it private.


“We came to a conclusion to end our marriage a long while ago and separated. We sincerely request everyone to honour our wishes for privacy for us and our children. Signed Kate and Phil, the joint statement read.

Kate added; “Was never a secret, we just kept it private. To all our dear fans, Asanteni sana for the support over the years,”.

Phillip Karanja also joined the conversation to affirm that indeed they have gone their separate ways and people should now allow them to proceed with their lives separarely.

“Hii ni Mmabo ya Watu wawili, but allow us to add you to the group char kidogo, so we can proceed with our lives bila story mob,” Phil said.

He added that they remain friends; “Kate and I remain as friends, Co-parenting and business partners,”.

The two had been married for over five years now and have one daughter together.

The lovebirds walked down the aisle at Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club in November 2017.

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