Kwambox and Rosa Ree

Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree is demanding an apology from rapper Khaligrah Jones for 'disrespecting' their Hip-Hop industry.

Speaking with Kwambox on Morning Kiss, Rosa stated that Papa Jones should issue an apology to her and fellow Tanzania rappers. 

She continues to say that at first she just thought that he was just trying to provoke them due to his personality but later he continued to do it and that's what annoyed her.


"Mwanzo nilidhani ni uchokozi tu juu yeye ni mchokozi, lakini vile aliendelea kusema in interviews ati huko akuna kitu, ati watanzania hawajui kingereza i felt the disrespect," the rapper said.

Kwambox tries to point out and says that maybe Kaligraph was trying to make a wake-up call for the hip-hop industry.

She added that beef ignited by Papa Jones prompted many people to know Hip-Hop artists from Tanzania as opposed to before.


Rosa Ree replies and says it was good of him doing so but the direction he took is where the problem is.

Kwambox continues to ask about her diss track that she previously released named 'Omollo' dissing Kalighraph.

She responds that the song was not directed to Omolo's mother but it was to him and she really respects his mum.

" Mama Omollo was not about his Mum, It was about me being his mum in this industry, especially the Hip Hop one," She says.

Kwambox, "While the beef was still heated up some netizens decided to give you a name, Rosecoco and we see that you said you had no problem about it."

She responds; "Yes, sina shida na jina. At first, I didn't know what it meant because in Tanzania Rosecoco are beans but when I researched it was something else."

"The reason as to why I accepted it is that we should learn to value womanhood, anywhere a woman goes she gives life and that is the reason the name didn't annoy me. I am a mum of one and I know the pain we go through as women so Rosecoco shouldn't be that abusive," She concludes.