Dennis Ombachi aka The Roaming Chief

Former Kenya Rugby Sevens Player Dennis Ombachi has finally revealed how he acquired his nickname “Roaming Chef’.

In update via his socials, Ombachi disclosed that back in 2020 he used to move from house to house cooking for different clients hence the name ‘Roaming Chef’.

“Just before Covid I was moving house to house cooking for clients hence the name ‘Roaming Chef’, and I really enjoyed myself. Learnt a lot and made some amazing connections," Ombachi revealed. 


He went on to explain that the COVID-era exposed him to two great ideas – starting a Chilli sauce business and content creation. 

“Covid made me start selling Chilli sauces and introduced me to content creation from the balcony and I have never looked back," he added.

He also thanked his fans and followers for always supporting his craft over the years.


“Not sure what the future holds for me but I am just getting started and I wanna thank you all for the endless support through the years,” Ombichi said.

Currently, Ombachi is one of the most sought-after online Chefs and he is always going viral due to the fire content he creates while cooking.

In January 2023, Dennis Ombachi was crowned as the best content in Sub-Saharan Africa at the TikTok Top Creators Awards.

"My love of food is intertwined with playing rugby because it started when playing the HSBC legs. We used to eat different kinds of foods.

"I used to come back home and challenge myself to try and create some of the different dishes I had here and there. I think that's how the passion grew," Ombachi said.

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