MP Babu Owino, Jalang'o and Akothee

A number of Kenyan celebrities and prominent figures have visited MP Jalang'o in Hospital after undergoing surgery after he sprained his Achilles tendon.

Some of the prominent figures who visited Jalas in the hospital include; Akothee, MP Babu Owino, Politician Alinur, Dr Reign, Dufla Diligon, and politician Rodgers Kipembe among others.

The legislator said on Friday he had a fall at a basketball pitch during training on Tuesday morning.

In a statement, Jalang’o said he fell and tore his Achilles tendon forcing him to undergo surgery on Thursday night.

He said he was feeling much better.

"Last Tuesday morning during our morning basketball training I had a bad fall that tore my Achilles tendon, I went in for surgery last night and I am now feeling much better," Jalang'o said.

He shared photos on social media while in hospital in which Embakasi East MP and three other men had visited him.

"I want to thank all my brothers and workmates and team Lang'ata for their prayers and support. Thank you," Jalang’o said.

The picture showed Jalang’o in hospital gown and his left leg in an Aircast boot.

Kenyans took to his social media platforms to wish him a speedy recovery. 

Celebrities visit Jalang'o in hospital after undergoing surgery [Details]

Achilles tendon rupture is an injury that affects the back of the lower leg.

The Achilles tendon is a strong fibrous cord that connects the muscles in the back of your calf to the heel bone.

If overstretched, the Achilles tendon can tear (rupture) completely or partially.

Medical experts say if the Achilles tendon ruptures, one might hear a pop, followed by an immediate sharp pain in the back of the ankle and lower leg that is likely to affect their ability to walk properly.

Surgery is often performed to repair the rupture. For many people, however, nonsurgical treatment works just as well.

Achilles tendon mostly occurs in people playing recreational sports, but it can happen to anyone.

The symptoms include a feeling of having been kicked in the calf, pain - possibly severe - and swelling near the heel.

One may experience an inability to bend the foot downward or "push off" the injured leg when walking.

They may also experience inability to stand on the toes of the injured leg.

Medics around the world advise that to reduce the risk of experiencing Achilles tendon injury, one should vary their exercises.

They say should one suspect that they may have teared their Achilles tendon, they should stretch their calf until they feel a noticeable pull but not pain to rule out injury.