Brian Mwenda

Brian Mwenda, a man who is facing allegations of impersonating a lawyer, has come out to speak for the first time. 

Mwenda in a video posted on former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko's social media page said he appreciates the people that are supporting and praying for him. 

"In the fullness of time, I will be able to clear this misunderstanding as I view it to be. I will also be able to prove my innocence," he said. 

Mwenda said he will provide the actual context of what is happening with time. 

According to Mwenda, it should be inconceivable for anyone to imagine that all his prowess can be feigned. 

"However, I do not want to say much. I want to thank my presently good team and the additional good team that Sonko will be bringing in, the likes of Senior Kawino," he said. 

He also sent a message to his family assuring them that he was safe and not under arrest. 

Mwenda said he will avail himself before authorities in the coming week if needed.

Sonko vowed to mobilise a team of lawyers to defend Mwenda.

"All criminal lawyers; senior Lawyers Assa Nyakundi, Nyamu, George Kithi, Edward Cheruiyot and any other lawyer who is willing to chip in this case just come forward for us to help this young man," Sonko said. 

Further, Sonko said he will ensure Mwenda is bailed out in the event he is arrested.

The former governor then moved to apologise on behalf of Mwenda if there was any mistake the said 'lawyer' had made. 

Mwenda, however, interjected and said, "but we will also let the court decide".

Sonko said it is disparaging to see people attack Mwenda who he referred to as a brilliant young man.

Additionally, he lauded COTU Secretary General Francis  Atwoli for coming to Mwenda's defence over the matter. 

In a statement on Friday, Atwoli described Mwenda as a brilliant Kenyan who has faced condemnation for practising law.

He said the man's case raises critical questions about the accessibility and inclusivity of professions in the country.

"COTU (K) firmly believes in the principle of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), which acknowledges and values the knowledge, skills, and competencies individuals have acquired through non-traditional learning pathways," Atwoli said.

Mwenda is said to have handled up to 26 cases before High Court Judges, Magistrates, and Court of Appeal Judges.

The Law Society of Kenya, however, denied having him as a member of the Judiciary.