Diamond Platnumz and his kids in South Africa
Image: courtesy

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz is spending time with his children whom he shares with Zari Hassan in South Africa. 

The WCB CEO shared a cute video while bonding with his son Nillan and daughter Princess Tiffah.

The singer and his children were in an undisclosed location where they had joined him as he also shot his new music video. 


"So this is where we at right now, there is Simba getting ready to perform," Tiffah says as she indicates she is taking the video with Diamond's phone.

She walks towards Diamond who is applying makeup to his face and shows his jewelery.

"They can't steal your money coz you have a guard," She adds that he is rich and the guard will use his gun.


"Okay Simba is back ok he is all ready and set "

Diamond says "Imagine my son called me Diamond and hyping me up while I was getting ready for my shoot set. Eti rich of them all Prince Nillan love you, son". 

Nillan is heard saying "Diamond, Diamond is right there, richest fo them all, The watch, the rings, the bracelets, the golden teeth "

Diamodn tells him that is how it is supposed to be as Nillan shouts his name "Platnumz!!! Look at him he got the white shoes, look at his car, this is is heavy, real gold heavy" Nillan shows off the suitcase containing jewellery .

Diamond indicates he is proud and says "Eti Platnumz!1 This feels so good kweli kweli"


"Everything is Platnumz, you know how we do, money gang, show them what we got baby, real one" he brags "That a quarter million bro "

"That's why we call him Diamond, coz he's rich. " Nillan also shows a bag where Diamond has placed hundreds of dollar notes "Look at all this money if I tell you my dad is Diamond, " he declares as Tiffah supports his sentiments.

The children film more videos of the star who patiently obliges them.