Crazy Kennar

Content creator Crazy Kennar has spoken out in response to the ongoing discussion about whether or not he can deliver on his upcoming stand-up comedy show.

A few weeks prior, Kennar made the announcement that KICC would be the venue for his stand-up comedy show, "Happy Country."

On the X app (formerly Twitter), some Kenyans have responded to the announcement in different ways.


Many who weighed in, doubted Kennar’s ability to deliver an excellent show based on what they know him for.

“Crazy Kennar atawezana na Standup comedy kweli ama Kwa hiyo show yake tunaenda kuona videos zake? A fan asked 

Another worried fan wrote; "Wameanza Kuulizana show ya Crazy Kennar itakuwa standup comedy ama skits. Na kama ni one-man show, do you think he will manage to be on stage for more than one hour considering his type of content,”.


“Crazy Kennar is an actor/content creator and not a stand-up comedian, wacha tuone vile kutaenda kwa hiyo sho yake maybe he plans to make the thing different? Another fan added.

The questions and concerns surrounding his upcoming show forced the comedian to speak out.

He assured his fans that he is a master of genres and that people should have faith in him ahead of the December 16th show. 

“I have been asked this question many times. All I can say is that I am a master of all genres of comedy come witness on the 16th of December,” Crazy Kennar told those doubting him.

Other celebrities joined the conversation, encouraging Kennar to stay focused and avoid distractions at all costs.

Jalang’o; “Uwezane usiwezane bora umefanya! Hatujawahi shindwa!,”

MC Jessy; “Macha ya Chira hayakumzuia Ng’ombe kunywa maji…. na Wakistaajabu ya Musa hawajaona ya Kennar. I know you can… Go do it Kennar. 👊🏽

Three weeks ago Kennar invited Kenyans to his comedy show at KICC.

"Dear Happy citizens welcome to the happy country😀😀the country where happiness is a choice😊. @happy_country_

"A big thank you to our title partners for believing in this great dream @grandacresltd and our technical partner @stagepassav

 Now my beloved Happy Citizens, do your thing. Get your tickets now at or *672*66#. God bless you all and May God bless the citizens of this great land of Happy Country,".