Amber Ray spotted with Ex-hubby Zaheer Jhanda days after dumping Rapudo

Businesswoman and socialite Amber Ray has been forced to set the record straight after being spotted with one of her exes in a club.

The mother of two was in Kisii over the weekend and was spotted having a deep chat with ex-Zaheer Jhanda.

She refuted claims that they are back together -maintaining that they remain good friends despite their nasty breakup a few years ago.

"No, no no. We used to have something, uko nyuma but now we are friends. I believe he came there to support me. Watu weanaongezea chumvi kwa vitu ndio ikae vibaya ikosanishe watu. I never burn bridges, I think I talk to all my exes, it's not like we talk on an everyday basis," Amber Ray said. 

Amber added that she never burns any bridges, because people always need one another.

"But there are people we have a deep respect for. Even right now if I call any one of them, they will pick up. They know I'm very genuine and I'm never malicious, na si Do you think mheshimiwa would have come to that club if I didn't show him respect? We are all public figures, we knew we would be seen together in public.

"If we had something going on, so we would have met in secret? No one would have known. But we are above that," she said she would never go back to him as they both have their individual lives.  

She is single and not searching for now; "I want to focus on my biashara and my children. It's not like I ever searched. I have never searched (for a man) but right now I don't want any relationship, so people should stop. I'm not in that space, I will take as much time as I can,".

Lately, Ms Ray has been working hard to achieve billionaire status. She is fully booked doing club-hosting gigs.

She has traversed the country to even being hired for gigs in Kisii and Homabay.

Fans have been curious whether she will spread her wings like others and go international- something she has ruled out for now.

Her immediate plan is to cover Kenya and draw in the big bucks.

She may also retire from club hosting much sooner if her secret plans work out

"Honestly speaking saa hizi my vision is hopefully next year I want to stop doing gigs because I have some very important things I am working on right now, so I can't promise that for now, yeah" she added.

She, however, refused to disclose how much she is paid to appear in clubs, saying "KRA is watching".