Cebbie Koks

Elseba Awuor Kokeyo aka Cebbie Koks Nyasego has penned down an explainer of how she takes care of her mental health.

In her narration, Cebbie revealed that back in 2017 she experienced the negative impact of social media bullying for the first time – which was not an easy experience. She pointed out that everyone needs to take care of their mental health no matter their status in society.

“Caring for our mental health is crucial for everyone, but it holds even greater significance for public figures who constantly face scrutiny and judgment from the public," she said in part.

Cebbie Koks further stated that with time she has learnt that social media owes nobody loyalty and engaging in battles with faceless individuals who say anything for attention and followers only adds fuel to the fire.

“However, with time, things got better. It's important to acknowledge that social media doesn't owe us any loyalty, and engaging in battles with faceless individuals who say anything for attention and followers only adds fuel to the fire,” Cebbie mentioned.

Cebbie Koks

So here are the 6 pointers Cebbie Koks Nyasego uses to safeguard her mental Health.

1. Instead of constantly being on social media, I've learned to take regular breaks to recharge and focus on what truly matters - my mental well-being.

2. Having real connections with those I perceive as mentors, friends, relatives, etc off social media.

3. Not everything must be solved through social media even if it happens on social media.

4. Brand to mean the “influence” the brand has, got nothing to do with you as a person. Your life shouldn’t depend on it.

5. It’s important to realize, I am bigger than the brand I wanna hold onto dearly. So I preserved myself before the brand.

6. I only share things that I can handle or live without. As my brand grew, so did my curiosity about my personal life.

At the same time, she explained why she periodically deactivated her social media accounts.

“Many question why I periodically deactivate my social media accounts. Well, here's the answer...🔴I firmly believe in the importance of completely detoxing from social media.

“Even mindlessly scrolling through posts can have psychological effects, so it's essential to prioritize offline connections and activities,” Cebbie said.

She concluded by saying; “Taking regular breaks from social media, focusing on offline connections, and being aware of the psychological effects of social media, we can protect our mental health and continue to thrive in our respective fields,”.