Kenyans compare Kabogo's new look to late President Photos]

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has elicited mixed reactions after being spotted with a new hairstyle.

On Tuesday, radio presenter Eric Latiff Compared Kabogo’s new hairstyle to that of the late retired President Mwai Kibaki.

In the photos and videos in question, the former County Boss has styled his hair to resemble that of the former Head of State basing on the fact that they both have bold heads with fading hair.


During the interview, Kabogo confessed that he loved the late Kibaki and his leadership style- terming him the best President Kenya ever had.

“You are looking like Kibaki? Eric Latif posed.

Kabogo replied; “Aaah! They say so or Kibaki looks like me,".


He added; Let him rest in peace. He was a great man, actually, I was going through some of my old photos and I saw a photo of Kibaki and I, and I just Tweeted I miss Kibaki, Kibakis times were easy, he had got favour, and may he rest in peace. Kenya misses Kibaki. I think he is the greatest president we have ever had (according to me),”.

Reactions from William Kabogo's video

ojwang_hatari  We haven’t had a great president yet! Until a president comes that fixes the issues Kenyans have been struggling with injustice land issues, corruption, poverty marginalization then we haven’t got to that promised land yet

conniemarjj Arudishe kofia😂plssss

zekefx1 Greatest of all presidents🔥

waitheramain.a Huyo ni kabogo😂😂😂😂😂😂

smartsolutionske leadership is a privilege to better the life of others. It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed."Mwai Kibaki"

_shepta_vii_ Rest easy Hayati Kibaki😢😢😢😢 Mzee wa Taifa

_kenbaro Is that Kabogo? Different looks indeed but more appealing to the electorate