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Police in Nakuru are investigating an incident where a 57-year-old man was reported dead in a hotel room.

The man, according to a police report had checked into the hotel in the company of a 21-year-old lady.

The two had checked into the hotel on Tuesday, at around 1 pm.


Police said the lady who had checked into the hotel with the deceased reported to the receptionist at about 5 pm that the man, had developed difficulty in breathing before he was found dead on the bed.

The receptionist then sought the help of the police who visited and processed the scene.

According to the report, preliminary investigations revealed no physical injuries on the body of the deceased.


"The scene was visited, processed and documented by officers from Kaptembwo Police Station, Crime Scene Investigation personnel and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations from Nakuru West.

"The body was moved to Nakuru County Municipal Morgue," the police report said.

Investigating officers are awaiting post-mortem to be conducted for further probe.