Actress Dorea Chege

Kenyan actress Dorea Chege is out here opening up about her upcoming drama series ‘Pink Ladies”.

Star performers in the “Pink Ladies” series have offered a sneak preview of what is in store, days before the launch.

The series majorly features Shix Kapienga as Trizah, Azziad Nasenya (Cecilia), Dorea Chege (Anne), Brenda Gesare (Stephanie) and Pascal Tokodi (Charlie) and it will be on StarTimes’s Rembo TV. It will kick off this November.


Speaking, Dorea Chege who is the series' main character states that the 'Pink Ladies' series will be very captivating.

She said, “This is one of its kind to ever exist in the corridor of the film industry in Kenya, I’m more than excited for the views because this will be wholesomely choreographed for them,” she said.

She added,” The show revolves around four unmarried women tackling twists and turns of life, friendship, career and finances,’


As expected, the friendship is plagued by jealousy, petty quarrels, and selfishness as they struggle to face the world mutually.

Another notable actress in the series is Shix Kapienga (Trizah) who will play a tomboy disinterested in relationships but focused on her career while Gesare (Stephanie) will be a young trendsetter fascinated with all things chic.

Celebrated actor Tokodi acting as Charlie will be at the centre of the attention as the ladies try their luck on him.

Illustrious film director Reuben Odanga recently said the show will be high-octane, resonating with modern culture.

“It has love, romance, comedy, and drama. All the elements that deliver a great show,” Odanga said.

The series will air Monday to Friday from 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM on Rembo TV.