Kwambox and Chitoin the Kiss FM Studios

Another day with more confessions from Kiss FM listeners to our Morning Kiss duo, Chito Ndlovu and the captain Kwambox.

Today, they shared some of the reasons as to why they are still single and if they would date in the future.

The discussion was based on a video where pastor Ng'ang'a had given an ultimatum to the single community. The pastor said that he is giving the single people 6 months to get married.

In the video he said;

"For people who have not married or been married. I have given you a six-month ultimatum. 

If not, why should your wife, or husband be snatched? Do not tell me about mpango wa kando., stop this nonsense.

Tell me your weaknesses, because people with the most problems are married women."

This Man of God is giving people a time limit to get married while people have their own reasons as to why are single.

Chito and Kwambox want to know what exactly is going on in these people's lives for them to be still single. They wanna know this by asking the question;

"Your heart is so fragile that you don't want to experience heartbreak, honestly why are you single?"

Kiss FM listeners have all the reasons to be single, some have been hurt while others are just in fear of being heartbroken.

Here are some of their reasons;

Caller: I am single because I fear women, I have been done character development. 

Travis KE: I've been in more than 10 relationships but all ended prematurely while i was left hurt. Mapenzi n vitu za ujinga. You're serious with someone but she got her own plans that will leave you completely destroyed.

Sammy Njuguna: Past relationships have shown me the kind of partners this world has and it's a no..wacha mtu akae solo.

Él Garvey: nilitoa dooh ya bash ya Dem yangu, to my surprise, kwenda hio bash nikapata Dem yangu na babes wake. Sema kubeba keki. Sijawai maliza kukula coz Bado nalia.

Zachary Miheso Jr: I have to be fully focused with what am doing now.