Onyango Tate: MKU student in viral 'Escape The Matrix' video suspended

Viral Mount Kenya University student, Job Onyango aka Onyango Tate has allegedly been suspended from the institution. 

This came weeks after he was captured in the said viral video, making fun of exams and cars owned by the institution's lecturers.  

The school's disciplinary committee in a letter addressed to Onyango Job, summoned him to answer to charges of inciting others to commit offences. It informed the young man that he was found guilty. 


"The committee resolved that you be suspended from the University in September/December 2023) You will be expected to report back on January 2024," a letter dated Oct 21 said. 

The school further warned; "Please note that this is the final warning and if you are found to have been involved in a similar act in the future you will be expelled from the University,".

In a video that trended a few weeks ago, the young man shows a sample of exam papers, questioning how it will help students get rich.


The Tiktok video was shared by several people;

"This is an exam paper you are seeing. So tell me, how is this thing going to make you rich? Okay you have defined data collection, good, I know you are a good definer of terms. Now tell me how is it going to make you rich?" he demands to know.

"I am doing this..to make my parents happy. I am going to the university to get that degree to make my parents happy. But if you start thinking how is this going to make you rich? "

He points at the institution parking lot where a range of cars are parked, describing the lecturer's cars as cheap "Look at these bulls** cars. they belong to all your lecturers. Your lecturer is 60 years old. and above, driving these shi** cars and they are your role models." he tells off fellow students about their favorite teachers.

In a voice mocking his peers, Onyango says

"Let me study hard so I can be like my lecturer" He advises students to keep quiet

"You are never gonna be rich. Hm ...you are not gonna be rich until you escape the matrix. I wonder how defining some terms like variables will make you rich. Me I wonder if all these stupid people think they are going to be rich by doing all this" he dismisses everything.

Despite, Tate's suspension the University made it clear that his suspension is not related to the viral video.